Stockvoyager is a social space that people can use discover, learn and share about what’s going on in the investment and trading world – if it has to do with money and investments, it’s here. This includes everything from stocks (trading, investing, swing trades, options, etc) to bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency) to NFTs and art (and any other collectible) investing to venture funding to real estate (all over the world) to sports betting to any and everything else that has to do with money.

Stock Voyager was created because we wanted a social space that was built so that people could come and discover, learn and talk about money, trading, investing, crypto, NFTs, art, collectibles, real estate, sports betting or anything else to do with investing and money. I wanted the space be a space just for money and investment talk without any of the other outside noise that comes with social networks.

I want it to be a space where you could see what everyone was talking about with stocks and money – different than social networks where you can only see what the social network owner, hedge funds and sponsor companies wanted you to see. No algorithms, no sponsored posts, no ads pretending to be posts, none of that behind-the-scenes bullshit – just people discovering, learning and talking about what’s going on in the stock and investment world. 

With Stock Voyager, we wanted a social space that has everything you need. You don’t have to tell people you meet here to come to some social network to join your group. You don’t have to send them to a forum somewhere else. There’s no need, because you can do it all here. We have forums, we have public groups, we have chat rooms, we have voice and video calls, we have private groups, we have group calls and group video calls, we have screen-share. You can share videos, pictures, documents, stories and voice messages. It’s all in one place on Stock Voyager.

In doing some research on social networks based around stocks and crypto, we discovered that hedge funds have control over or are involved in what gets seen or not seen on those social networks. We don’t have that problem here. Stock Voyager is not owned or controlled by hedge funds or hedge fund managers. We are also not controlled by advertisers and their money. This is your social space.

We know that Stock Voyager isn’t meant for everyone. It’s not. Not everyone want to be involved in the conversation about stocks, investing, NFTs, crypto, real estate or anything else to do with money. That’s fine. We knew that going in. We also knew going in that we could go about this one of two ways – we could do it for “free” and have every page and post covered with ads or we would keep a cleaner look with no interruptions or visual pollution and charge a membership fee to the members. Instead of having ads all over the place and needing to create a site that they agreed with 100%, we decided to charge a membership and have a member-led social space.

The monthly membership fee is $4.45 or about the price of a latte from Starbucks. This helps keep Stock Voyager running and without the need for ads or to be funded by a hedge fund or hedge fund manager. This fee will also help with keeping spam and other bots off Stock Voyager.

You can join here –

  • No Ads.
  • Limited (if any) Spam Bots.
  • No Algorithms Deciding What You See.
  • Over 100,000 Forums and Chatrooms.
  • Create Forums, Groups, Updates & Blog Posts.
  • One-on-One and Group Voice and Video Calls with Screen Share Capabilities.
  • Share Videos, Voice Messages, Documents, Pictures, Gifs, Polls and Links.
  • Trade Updates from Stock Voyager.
  • Stock Charts with Revenue, Market Cap, Profit Margin, Short % of Float and Institutional Ownership Information.
  • Stock and Other Giveaways.
  • Not Owned or Controlled by Hedge Funds or Hedge Fund Managers.
  • Edit (up to 5 minutes after posting) or Delete Posts.
  • Talk About Anything to Do with Money or Investing with No Limitations.
  • Your Information is Never Sold. It’s Yours, Not Ours to Sell.

Every day we are working on adding more, always moving forward.

The end goal is to have a community from around the world that comes together to discover, learn and share about all things money and investing. Stock Voyager offers an affordable place to do that without needing to have ads every 2 posts or plastered all over every page.

The financial goal for Stock Voyager is to have a community of 100 active monthly members. If it goes above that, then great. Stock Voyager is set up to handle it and much more. Honestly though, having 100 active monthly members would cover the monthly expenses of running Stock Voyager and get the site/app almost to where it would cut even over a one-year time (with the investment we have put into it so far). I don’t expect it to be profitable. My main goal isn’t profitability, it’s to have an affordable social space with no ads, where a community of like-minded people can come together to talk about investing and all things money. Stock Voyager is that social space. Stock Voyager is our social space. 

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