House Rules 

1. Post your topic in the forums, chat rooms or groups it belongs. Misplaced topics will be removed.

2. No false or misleading information. If it can’t be proven with SEC filings, legitimate news sources and/or press releases from the company, it shouldn’t be posted here. Any such posts will be removed.

3. No politics. No one cares who you voted for or about your politics. We’re here for stock and investment talk, take the politics elsewhere.

4. No advertisements, self-promotion or fundraising  – Keep it off of forums, chat rooms, DMs and groups. Self-promotion is fine when done on your own profile. 

5. No bullying, putting others down, name calling – anything negative about other people. Keep that shit to yourself. This should be an environment that everyone feels welcome in.

6. No nudity. There will be sites for that, this is not one of them.

7. No spamming. If you’re a serial spammer, you will be marked as a spammer. 

8. Nothing illegal. If it’s illegal, it doesn’t belong here. You will be banned and reported to appropriate government agency. Don’t be stupid. 

Violation of any of these rules will get your post removed and depending on severity, could get your banned from Stock Voyager.

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